Further Education

We run few further education courses which engages adults and provide the skills and learning they need to equip them for personal and professional skills and get a job in administrative or customer facing jobs in varied sectors. It’s a tailored programme which enables more flexibility in learning.

City College limited is now offering Fully Funded

in Association with Leicester college.These course are fully funded and enables to progress to level 2, 3, level 4 and 5 qualifications respectively. Learners earn nationally recognised qualification which enhances both personal and professional skills.

These short courses are designed for learners above 18 which lasts up to 12-16 weeks depending on the qualification (combined qualifications can be more than 16 weeks) and is run for 2-3 days a week. City college offers flexible timing for these course and wonderful tutor to take you through the journey to complete the qualifications at a steady pace.

If you have any queries call us 01214557964 for more details. Or email us on admin@city-college.co.uk